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Update on May 29, 2013

Only a few days left to go....Hello everyone!

We now have 246 signatures for the "right of way" violation legislation.

If you have not already, would you help up at least get the number to 250 signatures::

A brief synopsis:  On the www.tljfoundation.com (http://www.tljfoundation.com) website homepage you can see the legislation that has been proposed in the past.  Our goal is to take our signatures to both Senator Madden and Assemblyman Albano and talk about the changes that need to be made to this legislation and how it can finally get to committee and signed into law.

You see if every day that you drive....people not stopping at the end of streets, driveways, parking lots, etc....taking not only their own life but the life of others in their hands in a dangerous way.  This is how Trevor needlessly lost his life.

You see it every day that you drive.....a yield ramp onto a highway or road that these motorists do not observe, but rather increase their speed as opposed to slowing down and merging into ongoing traffic.

WE NEED legislation to be enacted to help prevent this type of driving, thereby holding people accountable, changing driving behaviors and saving lives.

Please help...just click on CAUSES on the homepage and click "sign petition".

Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to sign it and a heartfelt thank you to those who may do so in these next few days.

One more note:  In a day or so....Clear Channel Outdoor is donating a 14x48 ft billboard to the foundation...it is sponsored by Rider Insurance and will be on the ATLANTIC CITY EXPRESSWAY IN SICKLERVILLE.  On behalf of the foundation we hope as many motorists as possible see it!  LOOK TWICE....YOU CAN SAVE A L IFE..

Campaign closed

Motorists on our roadways no longer seem to obey the rules of the road when entering into a roadway from side roads, parking lots, driveways..etc.  There are many on the road that are even more vulnerable..i.e., motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians.  We ALL have a responsibility to be SURE the roadway is clear before entering in.  Taking our time, being responsible and respectful drivers can…

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All of us who are motorists, no matter what we drive enter and exit parking lots, roads, driveways and highways every single day. Often we can be distracted not just by electronics, but simple things...changing the radio station, rearranging the rear view, reaching into the backseat...picking something up off the floor. Imagine the horror of knowing that one simple distraction took the life of…

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