Update #3 ·

Update on May 28, 2013

Because of particular people who managed to DELETE this
Cause from Facebook Searches for "MORDECHAI VANUNU" and who also
managed to hack both of this Administrators MAC's [which have NOW been SECURED] this Cause MUST be renamed
and the details WHY will soon follow!

so PLEASE offer your suggestions to rename this campaign--which will ALWAYS
remain to foremost HELP FREE VANUNU --but because nobody has RIGHTS unless they
seize them, we who truly care about future generations must fight for the RIGHT as
citizens of the World to live in a NUCLEAR FREE WORLD;

Anti-nuclear civil resistance is the RIGHT of
every citizen of the world, for the nuclear threat attacks every core concept
of human rights and "calls for
urgent and universal action for its prevention. If it is a basic human right to
be free of threat or violence, if the right to life is a basic human right, if
the protection of children and future generations is a basic human duty, international
law must unhesitatingly recognize that the right to non violent resistance
activities for the prevention of such an international crime is basic to human
dignity."- Judge Weeramantry, "The Trident and International Law,
Scotland's Obligations" Feb. 3, 2009.

One suggestion that came to me to rename this Cause is:

FIGHT for a Nuclear FREE World but only in solidarity "can we begin the world again"-Thomas Paine

So, Please and THANKS for Offering YOUR Ideas in the Comment Section after you listen to
VANUNU HERE! (https://soundcloud.com/davidrovics/vanunu)

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