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Update on May 23, 2013

Last week I was given the privilege to be interviewed by No Nonsense Radio in regards to my petition Over Charged Young Black Men and Women. The link to listen to this interview is provided below. 

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nononsenseradio1/2013/05/16/does-the-crime-fit-the-time (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nononsenseradio1/2013/05/16/does-the-crime-fit-the-time)

Because of the significant amount of comments and stories I have personally read about the over-charging of African Americans and the mistreatment as well as unequal sentencing I will be writing a novel to have voices heard globally. If you are interested in having your story shared within this novel or a petition created on you or your families behalf please contact Diane Simmons via 

Dare 2 Advocate 

Advocates today for a better tomorrow! 

www.dare2advocate.com. (http://www.dare2advocate.com.) 


M-F 9am - 7pm Eastern

Other novels I have written can be viewed upon www.adsbooks.name (http://www.adsbooks.name./).

Thank you for your time. 

Campaign closed

Sign the petition to pardon Michael Simmons. Black men and women are being charged twice the amount of time that he or she should be given. Force our public defenders, judges, state representatives and state attorney general to DO THEIR JOB! Create new laws, modify or update old laws, assist with justice problems and uplift our communities. The time is now!

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