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CCEO YouthBuild Garden in the greater Los Angeles area

Gardens are allowing healthy food habits to take root in some of the poorest parts of greater Los Angeles thanks to some hard-working nonprofit groups and people like you who support their work. One such group is CCEO YouthBuild, a nonprofit that works with at-risk low income youth ages 16-24 from the city of Lennox and the surrounding communities of Hawthorne, Inglewood and Compton.

Their program focuses on helping young people earn their high school diplomas while also offering job placement services and leadership development training. Many of the young people living in these communities struggle to have food at all, let alone a nutritional meal three times a day. By planting a garden, CCEO YouthBuild is able to ensure that its students enjoy a nutritious lunch as well as having some healthy vegetables to take home to their families. 

By taking our Earth Day Pledge, you helped give CCEO YouthBuild a much-needed grant which they're using to buy seeds, seedlings, tools and a new irrigation system for their 19 raised bed gardens. In the future, they hope to expand the community presence in their gardens by offering plots to the students' family members. Thanks to you, they're one step closer to that goal.

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