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Update on May 20, 2013

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in the Framingham study, type A personality was defined by Friedman and Friedman. The type a character is unable to control the need to meet deadlines, and complete endless tasks. In the harassment of the cia / rcmp projekts (sic?) we are constantly bombarded with questions, tasks and our minds filled with complicated detail in a factory style interrogation clearly aimed at profit for someone ....no mention of pay is made for the victims almost without exception tortured. There is no concern at all for working conditions, fair labour practices or benefits during illness. Illness is not believed in rather you work yourself to death. These are slave conditons with no end in site but big profits are made for the large companies behind the scenes also filling the pockets of the rcmp/cia  ....

Some of the perpetrators like my cousins seem to be drug addicted and indeed their are drug dealers, arms dealers and sex traffickers always exploiting a group of children, youth and vulnerable adults ....There seems to be no way to stop the cycle of violence because of 3rd world style corruption and diabolical violence used as the main negotiating tool. Union bashing has become very thorough even attacking minor players who may show support for union concept. ( Unions are practical to me for reasons of safety that are always common to the people at the job).  In short, health of the body is considered by the interrogators to be only for the few usually apparently a payoff for sex. There is extreme use of biofeedback for unwanted behaviors with electrical, microwave, ced, and other shocks. Mengele threats fatigue the mind with sorrow so complete that no one really imagines being able to talk about the cult like torture again...in our lifetime.

 .I believe that the labour camps that have apparenlty been organized started with the prison population. No one cared ...no union cared enough about the truth of what happened to the people charged even here in the Canadian system. Extreme torture has been reported in the newspapers in Canadian prison populations. But the widespread use on the sunshine coast is bizarre. Death and torture are the feedback for failure to comply. in my case, the torturers are people i used to know in highschool. I believe that the special interest groups : drug, arms, and sex traffickers are the main reason for the deterioration to the 3rd world like conditons....(maybe worse)...People, in fact, are reported to be brought here from other countries dreaming of more freedom only to find diabolically evil rendition and slavery scenes.In the post 30s period with the sorrows of the depression in tow, society made an attempt to create more equitable, people interested efforts. Now again there is a McCarthyistic anti communism and hate for the usual vulnerable groups....Poverty  is extremely high in youth. Some of the youth cried out just the evening before last to let ms. desherlia know that some indeed did get picked up in the usa and brought to slavery conditions in this region. Of course, the powers that be here are in total denial of wrong doing blasting us with broadcasts and interrogatioins plus the daily torture.  I am describing ttbombk conditions that exist for myself somewhat less that others for whom the conditons are so evil that the sorrows of the 2nd WW are their current life.

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