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Update on May 20, 2013

Maria Bashir is the only female public prosecuter in Afghanistan and she regularly risks her life to advocate for equal human rights for women in her country. 

Maria is also one of the courageous Muslim women featured in the online exhibit Muslima: Muslim Women's Art and Voices (http://www.causes.com/muslima.imow.org). 

In her own words: "Whenever I ask myself where I get the energy to handle this job and withstand the threats, I'm reminded of how women suffer from injustice and have lots of problem in their daily lives," says Maria. "They must be protected according to the law. Instead of corrupted and incapable people enforcing the laws, educated and honest people must be in governmental positions—those who can do something positive."

Watch a documentary (http://muslima.imow.org/content/half-value-life) that follows Ms. Bashir as she tirelessly works for women's empowerment and visit Muslima: Muslim Women's Art and Voices (http://www.causes.com/muslima.imow.org) to learn more about the diverse women who are defying negative stereotypes every day! 

Then invite your friends to join you and take the pledge to end negative stereotypes of Muslim women! (http://www.causes.com/muslima)

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