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Update on May 20, 2013

Good Monday to you - I hope you enjoyed your weekend. :)

I received a tremendous amount of feedback from Men's Rights Activists who were angry about my clear stance on the difference 

What the Neomale Project Is Not

* Not a 'Movement' - Too many people have challenged me to spend my time and energy fighting 'the system' and I have no interest in that.  Remember that parable about the kid throwing starfish back into the ocean (http://www.ordinarypeoplechangetheworld.com/articles/the-starfish-story.aspx)?  I'm not trying to change the world, I'm just trying to make a difference for the starfish.  Politics can take care of itself.

* Not a Feminist or Men's Rights Group - I've been accused of both ... being a 'man hater' or someone who doesn't care about women.  My only response to that is "Why would I set up a project to help young men find their way if I hated them?"  The Neomale Project wants to show boys who lack the necessary guidance how to act with honor and dignity in the 21st Century and navigate life challenges across social media.  That is absolutely NOT a 'man-hating' agenda. Additionally, it is not negative toward women - I focused on helping young men because that's where I felt I could add value - I don't feel qualified try to tell women how to be women. :) The benefits of this project are designed to benefit everyone - including the women in these boys' lives - by helping young men to be contributing members of their own communities.

Thanks for your support.  Not everyone takes this issue seriously.  I'm firmly convinced that there are many young men who are crying out for direction, mentorship and guidance.  If we build a community that provides that help, there will be fewer horror stories in the news about young men that turned into sexual predators, thugs or victims. 

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