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Update on May 18, 2013

This a story of the abuse of power by the Regional District of Nanaimo BC

Cameron Elaine As the ever grieving owner of Zak and Chloe held for 2 half years by the SPCA in the same way as Chum and Champ. After an attempted rescue they were gassed to death in the RDN Dog (hell)pound before we had even left the corrupt Provincial court in Nannaimo. The vets all closed ranks to cover their involvements. I had an autopsy done showing injuries and poison to incarcerated Chloe's liver ,dying in the SPCA cells. All the proof being over 300 signed affidavits of their innocence was disregarded by the judges. In Chum and Champs case the grieving owner actually died from the stress and suffering to herself and her beloved dogs...Then and only then in fear of their evil reputations DeSouza and his pocket judges let the dogs free, only to be returned full of broken bones and hidden illness. This is not JUST about sec. 49 of the bylaw...it HAS to be about curbing the corrupt thuggery of Regional District by law officers drunk with power from all being little insignificant ex. RCMP members. I wonder why they all leave the RCMP? Troy DeSouza is an ex military...wonder why he left to gain illegal power killing innocent dogs disregarding the suffering of their owners...My entire court case was thick with corrupt filings and corrupt hearings. Every aspect of the Charter of Human Rights and Rule of Law disregarded for the OWNER of the dogs. I am perplexed also why all these dogs are almost all, pure bred dogs or from very responsible owners.... Could that indicate money to extract from caring owners?Of course it is! Amazing how the SPCA gain huge fees from Regional Districts to incarcerate their dogs, allowing such incredible animal suffering for their fees. To all those that accept this because they are deluded into believing there must be some 'truth' to the RDN and the judges doing this...Let me assure these thinkers that if it were to happen to you, and it can, you would believe in the evil or power and corruption that really lies behind this. It is all nauseating.

Cameron Elaine I am sorry to bore anyone but upon reading the words of another victim of this afraid to have another dog. Please let me say that, in my grief and defiance of being victimized I indeed bought and rescued two German Shepherds to fill just the physical gap of Zak and Chloe. They were 12 weeks old. Withing weeks of the RDN hearing this I was visited at my 6 foot gate and fencing by the RDN By Law officers, serving me with a dangerous dog allegation... for the two 12 week old puppies. This is the PROOF of their corruption...It is ONLY by chance that I had an honorable RCMP officer on the premises, that prevented the RDN from making such a ludicrous allegation stick...but this is the basis of all our stories.

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