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Update on May 18, 2013

11,000 a day, 4,000,000 a year.

This issue is a brutal battering of the soul.

Days upon days of horrible imagery, godawful stories and ignorance so rich, it surely must be a parody.
We can't walk away from it, but part of your humanity can tuck itself away into
your subconscious; hell, if it didn't, you'd spend all your waking hours alternately cussing, babbling and
sobbing. Great way to make new friends.

lucky; personally, I have that ability to divorce myself from things, to an
extent. Still, the nightmarish actualities of it all manage to force their way
out in other ways: my temper is worse (than usual even,) I snap at BVC's  (http://boldvisions.businesscatalyst.com/opinion.html)Exec. Director Stephen Capra (http://boldvisions.businesscatalyst.com/opinion.html) (below right,) when he dares ask me questions. I'm smoking more. I'm eating Tums.

I'm a mess.

My dog Odie, (who looks much like the poor lab at the top,) and Stephen's dogs, Sam and Josey Wales, and his cat, Stinker, are my heart. Sometimes having them around--while browsing pics of a dogs and cats with severed feet--forces grotesque, sympathetic imagery into my head, and I cringe and freak out...what if it happened to one of these precious kids? What if some random trap happened to be on our path of exploration through public land, and got them?

We feel that most (sane) people find trapping an ignominious,
grotesque act of violence, and we want everyone to know: it's torture, plain and simple. You can't just reduce trapping, any more
than you can reduce rape, or reduce child abuse. You simply don't allow it, not ever

1:26: Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our
likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the
sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures
that move along the ground."

that verse of the bible pretty well says it all: a
healthy majority (I'd guess more than 70 %,) of rural Americans buy into a strict and literal interpretation of it: "God sez they're ours, so we can kill all them critters we'd be a-wantin', I figger." 

Their attitude towards wildlife
ranges from mere contempt, to an outright 'shoot on sight' policy. The nicest ones (http://www.nwf.org/) of all actually protect animals so that there's more of them to kill. 

Some, like this asshole here, actually revel in the pain they inflict; these are
some pretty harsh 'rulers,' to be sure. 

Being around them makes you feel like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, trying to not act like a modern person, while in 50's-ville, USA. After awhile you realize: we're not going to change this small population of ignorant, American Rednecks with facts, or with reason, or even with violence. Reasoning with these pinheads hasn't worked for the last 100 years, so why does the environmental movement continue feel the need for talk compromise with them? It's not like this is a gray issue here.

empathy these rural 'folk' (key the great American ballad, and the sweeping vistas of grain,) may feel for pets, like dogs, cats and horses, just plain doesn't extend into
the realm of wildlife, and it never will, no matter how hard we try to reason with them. I can guarantee that some of these woodsmen, ranchers, and farmers will exterminate anything on their land that isn't a cow, regardless of the law, so we won't ever win that part of the war, without anything short of Predator Drones being deployed to gather intelligence. Personally, I'd like to deploy the weaponized drones, but I doubt we could manage to pass that particular enforcement plan through. 

So, how do we win?

We engage the world, the 'real' world, the urban world, the
educated world. These defenseless animals don't know what a border is, they aren't the property of the United States; they're part of the earth's chain of life, and it's ALL our jobs to protect them.

That's why you need to Share this cause right now.

Not just
once, but Share it once a day.

Every 8 seconds that we don't stop trapping completely, another animal dies in torment: 11,000 animals die this frighteningly painful death, EVERY DAY, 4 MILLION animals die this way, per year.

This Cause will succeed, but your participation can't stop with your signature:

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would love to hear what you think about our Causes, about our website...perhaps you even have a story to share with everyone about your experiences, or can speak out about how trapping makes you feel



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