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Update on May 17, 2013

Great news! Kiera's charges have officially been dropped! Polk County State Attorney Jerry Hill announced Wednesday that her case has been dismissed, although she will have to complete a Juvenile Justice Diversion Program, the details of which are currently unknown. Next, Kiera will have to go before a school board hearing officer to determine what the consequences she will receive within the school district. 

However, due to Kiera's intense interest in science and the trouble she's faced to pursue it, she has received an incredible offer from NASA engineer Homer Hickam. Hickam, whose life story was told through the film October Sky, has offered Kiera a full scholarship to United States Advanced Space Academy and she has accepted! 

Thank you so much for signing this petition to support Kiera! It's fantastic to know that over 3,400 of you cared so much about this issue that you wanted to help make a difference! 

Thank you again and great work!


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