Update #4 ·

Update on May 15, 2013

Hello all!

Thank you for signing the petition urging the University of California to divest its funds from fossil fuels! An exciting update: tomorrow, Thursday, May 16, student delegates from the 10 campuses will be in Sacramento at the UC Regents meeting. We'll be for the first time approaching them about divestment and making our case. With any luck, we will then get on the official agenda for the next meeting!

Your signatures help; with them, we are able to show how many people really want divestment. We're going to be able to go into that meeting and tell them that over 8000 people on and off campus support this.

I'd also like to deliver a bit of bad news. 6 days ago, the Mauna Loa observatory, which measures levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, reported that we just hit 400ppm. 350ppm was deemed by climate scientists as being the highest concentration of carbon dioxide we can have in the atmosphere to support life as we know it. The fight is urgent; we've been successful thus far but we need to ramp it up. Divestment is the one solid way that universities and other large institutions can ban together and say to these companies: "enough"!

We ask for your help to spread the word. Invite your friends to sign the petition! Let them know that this is happening, and that the University of California--one out of many schools--is fighting to create a fossil-free future.

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