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Update on May 13, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Thanks again for signing the petition...if you click on to the tljfoundation website and then click on the upper left hand corner tljfound news, you can read exactly what the existing versions of the legislation are.  We are still short of our 500 goal...please, if you have a moment and you may have a family member, friend, co-worker would you send it on!

This legislation if enacted will protect EVERY driver..not jut the most vulnerable among us..i.e.bicyclists and motorcycles.

The foundation will be fortunate enough to have Rider insurance as a sponsor this year to erect another 14x48 ft billboard and the TLJFoundation will be sponsoring some smaller boards as well.

In the future we hope to host a t-shirt campaign to help raise money to keep the billboard campaign going.

Our very best

Janet and John James

TLJFoundation, Inc.

Campaign closed

Motorists on our roadways no longer seem to obey the rules of the road when entering into a roadway from side roads, parking lots, driveways..etc.  There are many on the road that are even more vulnerable..i.e., motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians.  We ALL have a responsibility to be SURE the roadway is clear before entering in.  Taking our time, being responsible and respectful drivers can…

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All of us who are motorists, no matter what we drive enter and exit parking lots, roads, driveways and highways every single day. Often we can be distracted not just by electronics, but simple things...changing the radio station, rearranging the rear view, reaching into the backseat...picking something up off the floor. Imagine the horror of knowing that one simple distraction took the life of…

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