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Update on May 13, 2013

Top Chef alum and James beard-winning cookbook author Marcus Samuelsson has this to say about our campaign:

I was born in Ethiopia. But at the age of two, my mother died of tuberculosis.

That's when I was blessed with my first lucky break: I was
adopted, brought to Sweden and my grandmother Helga taught me how to
cook my first dishes – meatballs, ginger snaps and apple jam.

I'm an accomplished chef today because of a series of
wonderful accidents. I know not all kids are so lucky, but I really
believe that every child deserves to grow up with healthy, nutritious food – no matter where they're born or what turns life throws at them.
Let's make sure good nutrition isn't just about being
lucky. When world leaders meet in just a few short weeks, let's make
sure they don't just talk about nutrition and food, but they act. 

Every year poor nutrition kills more than 2.4 million kids.
That's more than one in three of all child deaths. It's time to put an
end to this and make sure malnutrition gets the attention it deserves.
Thanks for making sure all kids get the chance they deserve.

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