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We have 6 new bunnies that need to be neutered

Update #1 ·

Update on May 09, 2013

Well we got Pand, Ash & Kumar who is now called Fawn-yes she is a girl, not a boy like we were told, spayed/neutered. But we still have Simba Sir Hopsalot & Domino to get neutered plus we now have 3 more dumped leftover Easter bunnies to get spayed/neutered that were brought in to us by animal control officers. A tiny white girl bunny names crystal, another unsexes as of yet tiny young white bunny & an unfixed adult male bunny. Soon as we get names for the other two Il will post them as well as pictures. Here is one of the new buns. The picture is of the unsexed white baby bunny. crystal looks alot like this one too!

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