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Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Project, Portland metro area

Did you know that you're helping to build a new community garden in Portland? You are! One of projects our Earth Day pledge campaign is supporting is called the Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Project which is located in a poor and underserved neighborhood on the eastern edge of the Portland metro area.

The goal of the project is to create a place that nurtures nature, food, and families. The Master Plan calls for one-third of the two acre site to be dedicated to community agriculture via 50 new community garden plots. Neighborhood members have been hard at work transforming the plan into reality by mulching the area where these plots will be dug. Funds raised through our campaign are helping them to buy the tools and supplies they need to plant these new gardens. 

It's inspiring to to see what a group of people can accomplish when they work together. The development of this parcel holds the potential to transform Nadaka from a little-known and underused area into a place where community members can readily connect with nature by growing gardens, enjoying a picnic and experiencing native habitats. Thanks for helping to make this project take root!

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