Update #3 ·

Update on May 07, 2013

directly from the shelter page:

NOTICE: The No Adoptions Ban Has been lifted! Starting As of this posting WE CAN NOW again adopt out dogs to the public! We currently have 8 Owner Surrenders and 2 Strays at the shelter. Adoption Fees for Dogs are $36 for residents living in Stokes County and $30 for residents of other counties.   Any adopter will now sign a release upon adopting releasing the county from any responsibility after ...the dog leaves the shelter. This shelter is a "Random Source" facility, which means that we have dogs/cats arriving every day that may have been exposed to a variety of diseases, or be incubating illnesses that we cannot predict. This shelter does not have a vet staff on hand and the shelter staff does not knowingly adopt out an animal that is exhibiting signs of illness.

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