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Update on May 06, 2013

I am the creator of petition Democracy crisis in Malaysia: foreign workers were employed for fraud voting in Malaysian General Election. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/democracy-crisis-malaysia-foreign-workers-were-employed-fraud-voting-malaysian-general-election/nBqKR7bm (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/democracy-crisis-malaysia-foreign-workers-were-employed-fraud-voting-malaysian-general-election/nBqKR7bm) . 

For these days observation and discussion with others, I do realise the petition itself has lost the initial aim, and now become an abuse for further disputes and misunderstandings. 

Hereby I am requesting, all Malaysians, STOP the spamming on the wall of the pages of Mr. Obama and Whitehouse. I am hereby repeat, STOP it, don't express the issue emotionally. 

Please STOP it! Meanwhile, I had requested to remove the petition from list. I am so sorry that this petition's aims had been deviated and become a tool for anger venting of angry mobs. I am so sorry to everybody, for the troubles, disputes and misunderstandings that happened.


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