Update #19 ·

Update on May 05, 2013


请传开,目前我们的petition已经很足够了。请大家别签署任何我们以及其他petition, 签署petition不仅仅是表达,更不是宣泄。 我们现在等待消息,配合他们的行动和反应。请大家把这消息传开,谢谢。也请大家认真地注意,petition只能一个议题开一个,并不是开越多越好。

I am sorry for my flawed decision. Please spread. Currently we have sufficient and over adequate petition. Please stop open and sign any petitions anymore, I repeat, signing petition is not just an expression, not even an abreaction. Please do not sign any petitions of us, also not to any petitions. We are awaiting the news and collaborate with their actions and responses. Please spread the news. Thank you. Also, please take note that petition should be one issue one petition, not more than that.

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