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Pathfinder Garden Classroom, Seattle

One of the projects being supported through this community's Earth Day pledge is the Pathfinder Garden Classroom in Seattle, Washington. The students at the K-8 Pathfinder School are not only learning about reading, writing and arithmetic, but also digging, planting and giving back to their local community. Their Pathfinder Garden Classroom consists of 17 organic fruit and vegetable beds including a first grade pumpkin patch, an edible flower bed, and an herb bed. All 482 of the students are involved in the garden and many of their parents volunteer at work parties or participate in monthly events with our Family Garden Club.

The benefits of the garden, however, extend beyond students, parents and teachers to include the wider community of West Seattle. This spring, the Pathfinder community has set a goal to dedicate 8 of its 17 garden beds as a "Giving Garden" where 100% of the produce from those beds will go to the local food bank. Thanks to their efforts and yours via this pledge, more people in Seattle will get a taste of delicious, garden-grown food this season.

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