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Update on May 01, 2013


I wanted to address some of the
comments on this page. First, this is not about taking away anyone's Second
Amendment right to bear arms. I fully support the Second Amendment. I also want
to assure everyone that if you signed the Sympathy Card, your name is not being
used for any other petition.

Here's background on what's
happened to this Cause since the shooting:

After we delivered the Sympathy
Card to the Sandy Hook families in December, 2012, we wanted to find a way to
continue to help and support them. We spent more than a month working closely
with leaders in Newtown -- many of them gun owners. About two months after the
shooting, we decided it was important to keep this Cause active and honor their
request that we support common sense solutions to gun violence in America. So
moving forward we plan to continue to talk about, and advocate for, the need
for responsible reform in many areas of the law, mental health, school safety,
and yes, gun ownership. That's where we are headed.

Again, I strongly support the
Second Amendment, but I share the views espoused by Sandy Hook Promise and many
gun owners that reform is needed in some areas. I do not believe that any type
of legislation that involves guns is automatically bad. For instance, I joined
with the majority of gun owners who support expanded criminal background checks
as drafted in the U.S. Senate legislation. I also
support limitations in high capacity magazines. Now many of you may agree, and
many may not. That's freedom of speech. The First Amendment.

But again, I want to assure
everyone that if they signed the Sympathy Card, their name is not being used
for any other purpose, and never will be! Second, if you do not want to remain
as a member of this Cause moving forward, which I can understand if you have
different beliefs, then you can easily remove yourself from the list by
clicking "Leave this campaign" at the top of the main campaign page.
Details here: http://support.causes.com/entries/20341536-How-do-I-leave-a-campaign-and-remove-it-from-my-profile (http://support.causes.com/entries/20341536-How-do-I-leave-a-campaign-and-remove-it-from-my-profile).

I do hope you'll stay, because
open dialogue depends on differing points of view. But if you decide to leave,
I wish you all the very best! 



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