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Update on April 30, 2013

Hi again, dear friends!

There are two weeks since Elly has been released from the vet clinic in Bucharest and got to her foster in Draganesti, a village near Tecuci. She is well now and also put some weight on, you can see the difference from the pictures attached. She is such a sweet little pie and still very shy. I think she had a hard life in the past... she is so very submissive with all the people. In the foster where she lives now there are three dogs, two females and one male (castrated). All of them are friendly and play together, but I don`t know how she feels about children. (Yen, a loving person who might adopt her, asked how is she around children). I think she would like to play with children, too, but yet this is just my opinion. I will ask tomorrow the man who takes care of her to test her how she acts around children, too. Anyway... she is very very obedient and she adore to be loved. She just needs some time till she get used to the new place.

I asked Dr Aurelian, one of the vets who saw her and took care of her at the clinic how old is she and he said she would be about 5 years old. And he also said she doesn`t have any neurological problems or any signs after the distemper that she got through and we have no reason to be worried about. She is fine now and almost done her hepatoprotection. She needed this hepatoprotection because she got a lot of medicine which requires pretty hard the liver. I will ask Dr Aurelian when would the best time for her to be vaccinated. She already was dewormed. But she will get all the necessary treatment again for the time she will go home and of course she will be spayed. :-) 

Oh, we are so happy for her and really hope she will be adopted soon. Till then, we still need to take care of her and feed her every month. So, please, dear friends, continue to support us to provide her food every month. You can donate as always on [email protected] paypal or at www.romaniaanimalrescue.org (http://www.romaniaanimalrescue.org).             

Thank all of you again for your kindness and compassion for animals and for Elly, too.  Gratefuly,Mihaela

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