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Update on April 29, 2013

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To: Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane, Congress, the White House, and the International Court of Justice


This is why Pennsylvania, USA governor Tom Corbett should be impeached and/or arrested now - if not on State charges in Pennsylvania, then on Federal charges - and if not on charges of violations of US or Pennsylvania State law, then by the International Court of Justice for violations of human rights and for turning a State government in the USA into an internationally harmful travesty:

Educator and coach Joe V. Paterno, born in Brooklyn, New York on December 21, 1926, earned an unparalleled record and reputation in his field of endeavor - college football coaching. He was the patriarch of a beautiful family. He built Penn State - not singlehandedly, but through a process of community consensus which was fed by the community spirit which he inculcated into the University and the town of State College, Pennsylvania - which really ought to be renamed "Joe, PA" in his honor. 

Joe Paterno, as of the start of November 2011, was in good health. His reputation was secure. He was, as of that time, still the head coach at Penn State. And most importantly, as of November of 2011, Joe Paterno was a law-abiding citizen in every way - indeed, Joe Paterno never broke the law in his life, as the FACTS will show. 

Then along comes ruthless political opportunist Tom Corbett, in the wake of the arrest of Jerry Sandusky; both backpedaling and trying to grandstand things, and playing prosecutor - although Corbett had already officially resigned his position as State Attorney General as of January 18, 2011, prior to taking the Oath of Office as Governor of Pennsylvania.Everyone in the 21st century knows about cyberbullying, and that is exactly what Corbett did here - he led the media feeding frenzy of unfair and biased reporting. Corbett led a political witch-hunt against Paterno which cost State taxpayers and tuition paying students millions of dollars; and Corbett really did this for his own political benefit, and to take the heat off himself.

This is the same Tom Corbett who, as Governor, poses and postures as a great big friend to taxpayers.  Yet he wastes public funds whitewashing on his own behalf. As State Attorney General, Corbett's office initiated one bizzare prosecutorial hoax after another for political purposes.

Corbett used his influence as a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees in this investigatory hoax; whereas Corbett should have recused himself from all Penn State Board of Trustees action having to do with the investigation in the Sandusky context - because Corbett, had a conflict of interest a mile wide...as a former Pennsylvania State Attorney General who dragged his heels in prosecuting Sandusky while Sandusky, although Corbett KNEW Sandusky was under investigation, still had access to the same Penn State facilities where the incidents were proven by a court of law to have taken place, until November of 2011, according to reports! Let's also remember that Sandusky is linked to Corbett by a chronology of campaign contributions. 

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