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Update on April 29, 2013

Springtime is officially here and so is kitten season. 

Litters of kittens are starting to show up in animal
shelters all over the U.S., but it is not too late to help reduce the impact of
kitten season this year. Here are a few ways you can help make a difference:


* Support spay and neuter efforts. Your donations
provide the needed funds to allow low and no cost programs in your community
and for this cause (https://www.causes.com/donations/new?campaign_id=137033&cause_id=492652)
(FiXiT, (http://fixit-foundation.org) a 501(c)(3) non-profit) to provide
the solution for animal overpopulation.


* Spread the word about spay and neuter on social
media. Become a fan of your local low/no cost spay and neuter clinic and FiXiT (http://www.facebook.com/fixitfoundation) to share the word
about spay and neuter to your friends and family.


* Volunteer (http://www.getyourfix.org/volunteer)
at GetYourFix.org to help pet owners in need anywhere across the country.
Volunteers are sent special email challenges to inspire new action for animals.
Make a difference in as little as 5 minutes!


* Volunteer at your shelter and get kittens
adoption ready. Keep the kittens healthy by helping keep cages and laundry
clean. Socialize those that need more interaction with people. Or help get cats
adopted to make room for more.


* Organize a kitten season food/goods drive to support
the extra burden. Work with your shelter to create a wish list (e.g. milk
replacer, bottles, food, and litter) then enlist the support of a local
pet supplies retailer and their clientele to donate much these needed supplies.


* Foster kittens until they are adoption age. Space
and time is a premium at busy shelters and until these little guys can be
adopted, you can provide them with the love and care they deserve.


* Create a handout listing low cost spay and
neuter options in your community and make them readily available to those that
need help getting their female fixed: keep them handy and in large supply at
the local shelter and distribute them to local pet food retailers.

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