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Update on April 29, 2013

Exciting news for chocolate lovers! Thanks to actions taken by you and more than 100,000 Oxfam supporters, the world's biggest chocolate maker, Mondelez International, has agreed to take steps to address inequality facing women in their cocoa supply chains.

For the past couple months, we've been asking Mars, Mondelez, and Nestlé – companies that, together, buy more than 30% of the world's cocoa – to look, listen and act to improve how the women who grow and pick their cocoa are being treated, and now all three have committed to do just that! Because you raised your voice, these big companies will make changes in their policies that could have huge effects for cocoa farmers and their families.

Share the news of our big victory on Facebook! Click here. (http://act.oxfamamerica.org/site/R?i=s5Pr6l_j7nDgBOh34E2ryg)


Today's win for women cocoa farmers would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much for joining us. This is what our Behind the Brands campaign is all about – using our collective powers as consumers to pressure the world's biggest food companies to change the way they do business and start doing their part to make sure everyone on the planet has enough to eat, always.

And, we're just getting started! Our next Behind the Brands campaign action will launch soon, and we'll be counting on supporters like you to fight with us for better company policies on issues like clean water, transparency, worker's rights, and more.


Victoria Marzilli, Causes.com Campaign Leader
Oxfam America

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