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Update on April 23, 2013

http://vimeo.com/42307822 (http://vimeo.com/42307822)

Thanks to all who have supported my cause.  Please urge your friends to support it also.   This video tells some of the difficulties the Sea Shepherds have faced in dealing with this horrible situation.   The Namibian government is in on it.

The world's largest and cruelest
marine mammal slaughter of 85,000 still-nursing baby seal pups begins
annually on July 1st in Namibia.
For 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their
mothers, and brutally beaten to death for their pelts - a CITES
protected species, killed in a seal reserve every day just hours before
tourists come to view the remaining colony.  
Inhumane, illegal, unsustainable and unethical, many conservation
groups violently oppose the slaughter. While filming the cull is
illegal, Sea Shepherd, who has a long legacy of defending seals around
the world,  hopes to end this slaughter once and for all.  So far they have had no success because they are up against the entire military of Namibia.   We are going the petition route because Namibia needs tourism and investment.

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