Update #9 ·

Update on April 19, 2013

APRIL 19, 2013: WE ARE SUCCEEDING! Ben has been moved into a  bedroom, he now has a real
bed, sheets, pillow and things to read. Also an autism expert has been
called in. However, he is far from coming home, and if they choose they
can move him back into an isolation cell at any given moment! . We have
over  1,000 signatures now from both Tthe on-line petitions and hard copy
signatures. I'm now aiming for 2,000. Ben has a Review Board hearing on
May 15th which will determine if gets to transition home or stay locked
up for another year. Please sign the petitions, there is a SECOND ONE 
right under the first one where it say "more from this campaign", and
repost them and help keep up the pressure for real change for Ben, Aaron,
and others who cannot speak up for themselves. For more information go
to silentnomorebc.com Thank you so very much.

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