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Update on April 08, 2013

Last week, we told you the exciting news: because of thousands of Oxfam supporters like you, big chocolate companies Mars and Nestlé agreed to look, listen and act to improve how women cocoa farmers are being treated.

Now, we're putting all our efforts behind getting Mondelez International – the world's largest cocoa buyer and maker of Oreos – to start respecting the women who grow and pick their cocoa. We need your help in sending a message to Mondelez, loud and clear, that we won't stay silent while women working on cocoa farms are paid less and treated unfairly. To do this, we're posting messages and photos to the Mondelez Facebook page.

Join us and post your own on the Mondelez Facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/mondelezinternational?filter=2). You can use one of the messages below, or come up with one of your own!

* Mondelez: Oreos taste sweeter with justice!

* Love Oreos, hate injustice. #BehindtheBrands 

* Mondelez: Respect women cocoa farmers now.

Will you take action with us today? Write your message on a sign, take a photo of yourself holding it, and then post it to Mondelez's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/mondelezinternational?filter=2).

The big chocolate companies are listening – because of you, Mars and Nestlé have already agreed to change their policies. Now, it's Mondelez's turn.

Thanks for continuing to fight for women cocoa farmers with us!

Vicky Rateau, GROW Campaign Manager
Oxfam America

P.S. – Not on Facebook? You can still help us send a message to Mondelez by making a quick phone call to their Customer Service line at 1-855-535-5648. Just tell them you're an Oxfam supporter and you want Mondelez to take action to show they're respecting women cocoa farmers. Then, email us and let us know how it goes!

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