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Update on April 04, 2013

Last time a news article was published about the pound standing by their decision to kill the dogs after temperament testing - it was hijacked by not only poundrounds haters but also breeders and their cohort from a pure breeder forum - this resulted in the managers at the council getting the message 'everyone' supporting the killing. PLEASE comment favourably about the CESSATION of killing based on temperament and the fact the deputy mayor has said he is in support of our movement to hold council answerable - it's really important guys - when I met with Peter and Richard Smith they basically started the meeting by saying 'we don't care what you say because everyone supported us'. We need more than 100 comments from UNIQUE IP addresses

http://www.blacktownsun.com.au/story/1409087/pound-protectors-keep-up-the-pressure-on-blacktown-council/?cs=12 (http://www.blacktownsun.com.au/story/1409087/pound-protectors-keep-up-the-pressure-on-blacktown-council/?cs=12)

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