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Update on March 31, 2013

I would like to share with everyone a Post I came across that totally fits how we feel about this issue!   Dawn

Words from a Native American

As a Native American I want to say something, and this is my observation. My people hunt, and when we do so we do it for food only. We take no pleasure in taking life, we respect the animal. So I don't hate hunting. I hate it when Westerners hunt.
Because every photograph I see on this page does not show respect for the animal. It shows a typical American posing and grinning over the dead. That is not respect. Respect is not photographing a corpse, or taking pleasure from death.
Anyone on this page who claims to hunt because they care for nature is a liar.Those who care for nature would not be proud, happy, or pleased with taking a life. They would be sorrowful.They would also not hunt animals that clearly provide no nourishment, such as elephants, and they would certainly not hunt a fellow predator such as a wolf or jaguar. If we hunt, we hunt prey, and we do so only for food.
To do anything else is to violate the natural order, and proves yourself to be a barbarian.

I would also like to put to rest this lie about hunters kill to control over-breeding. This is a myth.
For millions of years nature has kept in balance, if a species dies it dies because of natural selection. To believe that you can arbitrarily decide what species is growing too large, and what species is not, and then hunt based on this observation, is imbuing humans with the power that only a god should have. We should not choose the fate of the animal, we are not the gods, and we are not nature.If an animal is growing too large and over-hunting, then that is supposed to happen and part of nature. For millions of years this is how species have lived and died.
Stop trying to pretend that humans are a magical creature who can dictate fate to all who live on this planet. I suggest you study natural selection and the way animals evolve.

Mez Kitsu

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