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Update on March 27, 2013

Thank you to
those who have donated so far - we have some updates to share with you
regarding Fixing Our Broken Money System.

Kaoru Yamaguchi of Japan
has confirmed that he will be joining us at Cooper Union. This is great news
and he will certainly be a welcome contributor to the event. Dr. Yamaguchi has
applied his expertise in system dynamics to the American Monetary Act and HR
2990, and his models (http://www.monetary.org/modeling-the-american-monetary-act/2010/12) have shown these proposals to have a desired impact on the
national debt.

The informational flyer (http://www.monetary.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/cooper-union-flyer.pdf) has also been revised to bring you
up to speed with what the speakers will be focusing their discussions on.

Remember, Fixing
Our Broken Money System is Sunday, May 12, from 1 pm to 6 pm at Cooper Union in
New York City. For
those of you on the east coast, we invite you and your friends to come and take
part in the discussion. Please help us get the event noticed by as many people
as possible and share this page on your social media sites, blogs, or e-mail
lists. We hope you are able to attend the meeting on May 12!

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