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Update on March 26, 2013

**CLYDE UPDATE**   First of all, we want to Thank every person that has signed, shared, and donated to Clyde's cause. BAD NEWS!!!  CLYDE AND HIS GRANDPA WERE RECENTLY ATTACKED BY TWO STRAY DOGS WHILE TAKING A WALK!  Because the city of Benton declared Clyde a dangerous dog due to a minor scuffle with another dog, he has to be muzzled any time he is outside his home. Not only has the city taken away his freedom, but also his ability to defend himself! Clyde's leg was ripped open during the attack, and required stapling at the Vet. (The stray dogs have not been found) Thankfully the injuries to him and his grandpa were not more serious or life threatening!!

Clyde is not a dangerous dog and does not deserve to be treated as so.  Jonathan, Clyde's Dad, who is a full time high school student,  has appealed the ruling and needs our help. If you believe that dogs will be dogs and get into scuffles, but don't deserve to be labeled for innocent behavior, please donate $5 or more. 

Jonathan believed his hearing was this past Monday, 3/24, but when he showed up they postponed the hearing until summer. We will keep you posted as the new date date draws near.


https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/fS371 (https://www.facebook.com/SaveClyde?ref=ts&fref=ts)

https://www.facebook.com/SaveClyde?ref=ts&fref=ts (https://www.facebook.com/SaveClyde?ref=ts&fref=ts)

https://www.causes.com/saveclyde (https://www.causes.com/saveclyde)

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