Update #5 ·

Update on March 26, 2013

Amazing news! We've
just heard that – thanks to actions taken by you and other Oxfam supporters – Mars
and Nestlé have agreed to look, listen and act to improve how the women who
grow and pick their cocoa are being treated.

we're changing the way the world's biggest brands do business. Just a month
after Oxfam launched Behind
the Brands, more than 65,000 supporters like you have taken action.

your voice, you've influenced two of the biggest chocolate companies in the
world, helping to ensure that they take responsibility for fairer pay and working
conditions for women in their supply chains. Mars and Nestlé have committed to
a plan of action, to work to sign on to the UN Women's Empowerment Principles
and to work with industry organizations to address gender issues.

you for speaking up with us. This victory for women cocoa farmers wouldn't have
been possible without you! 


Victoria Marzilli, New Media Specialist

Oxfam America

PS - Check out our Facebook page for more updates on Behind The Brands: http://www.facebook.com/oxfamamerica (http://www.facebook.com/oxfamamerica)

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