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Update on March 23, 2013

Dear all, the reason I start this petition is not to create hate. While you all watching the second video, you will found that the elevator door opened once but he didn't come out from the elevator and quickly ran down the stairs to save his dog. He is drunk but this is not a excuse for his neglect. I never said he abuse his dog but is neglect. So he must be charged for his neglect. Drunk is not an excuse to cause the accident happened. For the another two people who was just watching the dog struggling, they should be charged in courts too for their inhumanity action.

Thank you for those who signed the petition and let's create awareness to all pet's owner to well care for their pets. This incident won't happen if the man is not so drunk. This petition reminds all the pet's owner to be responsible to your pets and never let any human-caused accident happen!

I don't know whether the dog is survive or not, anyone can show proof that the dog is alive? I sincerely pray to God that the dog is still alive. Charging the dog owner to court is to teach him a lesson that he should be more careful in future. 

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