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Update on March 20, 2013

PLEASE READ >> update from INGHAMS >>link: http://www.inghams.com.au/enterprises/media/ConsumerAndCustomerUpdate.pdf (http://www.inghams.com.au/enterprises/media/ConsumerAndCustomerUpdate.pdf)21 March, 2013Consumer and Customer Update.We want to reassure you that Inghams does not tolerate the mistreatment of its livestock.A full investigation of this incident at Tahmoor is underway to identify those involved and to then take disciplinary action which for such misconduct will be the termination of employment.As a result of the actions at the Tahmoor Processing plant Inghams will be installing video monitoring within live bird handling areas of our processing plants, as soon as practicable, to ensure animal welfare standards are met at all times. A police investigation has commenced, in addition to the action Inghams is directly taking. Inghams is committed to fully cooperating with the investigation.Kevin McBain, CEO, Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited---CONTACT INFO... Link: http://www.inghams.com.au/enterprises/sitedocument.aspx?docId=694 (http://www.inghams.com.au/enterprises/sitedocument.aspx?docId=694)
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