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Update on March 14, 2013

To address the education crisis in Pakistan, HDF is implementing a one-year project addressing public advocacy and awareness with USAID, "Advocacy Campaign for Education Sector Reforms in Pakistan."

The project has been designed to educate and empower communities, improve the understanding of Article 25- A, and to lobby with the key stakeholders to inform people about their rights to a free and compulsory education in Pakistan.

Did you know that  the contributing factors for children out of school in Pakistan are due to:

1). Low investment in education from parents

2). Poverty

3). Lack of school in the vicinity

Other common issues identified by respondents was poor quality of education offered in government schools;  unavailability of girls' schools; lack of adequate teachers; and overpriced private education. 

In a study conducted by HDF, less than 72% of people were aware that free education is a compulsory right. 

Sign this petition and share it with your networks to mobilize people globally to take action for education.

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