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Update on March 12, 2013

لا أخاف في قول الحق لومة لائم
If your family stole your life..your property...your
livelihood...then you are screwed in Lebanon...This is Halal until proven
1000,000% if you are lucky that is after you grow white hair and the aggressor have taken the investment and economic opportunities out of equation.

some research shows how wrong that approach is:

History follow a general pattern of limited good, violent conflict between brothers,and resolution by physical separation. In the case of Cain and Abel, Abi-melech and the 70 brothers, and Amnon and Absalom, the physical sepa-ration between the brothers is death. the land is unable to support both Abraham and Lot, Jacob is tricked into thinking that Joseph was devoured by wild animals and Esau consoles himself with the thought of Jacob'sdeath. The primary resolution of confict is physical separation, the mostextreme form of which is death. Cain and Abel should be understood add to it the wife's family and the sister husband's family and the profiteering cousins who built on common properties............You have a recipie for disaster, Mideast Crisis III..I meant WWIII.

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