Update #3 ·

Update on March 11, 2013

Good Monday morning! 

We've had the weekend, we have sprung forward and might feel a little sleepy and off-track.  Let's get back ON TRACK, remain pro-active and work towards doing SOMETHING to REJECT/REPEAL the SEQUESTER!

We are on the side of the POTUS, that remains clear in our CAUSE. We offer up more FORWARD movement.  We made a choice in 2012 and CONGRESS has defiantly OBSTRUCTED our POTUS and our CHOICES!

We recommend a REMINDER on the MANDATE we ask President Obama to continue to act for on our behalf, and we now call for a "BUILD AMERICA'S FUTURE" Act (suggested by Robert Reich.)  

Please read the following for a clear path to achieve this, so eloquently stated by Robert Reich...

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