Update #2 ·

Update on March 08, 2013

The Free Burma Rangers released a firsthand account today stating
that the Burmese military continues to fortify its positions, build additional
camps, and resupply, preparing for larger assaults. 25% of all battalions have been deployed to the conflict zone, and the number of internally
displaced people from the ongoing violence remains near 75,000, with 10,000 Kachin having flooded into neighboring China. Many of the makeshift camps for the internally displaced camps are now one year old with no significant improvements for its inhabitants, who live in squalor in plywood huts covered by plastic tarp roofs. Poor sanitation, unclean drinking water, and lack of access to health care and education remain prevalent in the camps.

One woman who lives close to the Burmese military held up
her baby and stated: ""Yes I am afraid but if I leave what will our Kachin
soldiers on the hill above us do? Who will feed them? Who will help them? How
will they be encouraged? So as long as I can I will stay with my family here."

The violence must end. Please help Burma Community Builders
reach its goal of 2,000 signatories asking Secretary Kerry to help end the
violence in Kachin State. Share with your friends and ask them to join today.



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