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Update on March 01, 2013

Dear global family committed to peace and justice,

Exposing legitiate war crimes committed by the United States and Nato military should not mean jail time for the whistleblower. If it does, then there is no integrity or justice in the causes of the U.S. or Nato. If it does, then innocent women and children will continue to be murdered. If it does, then more and more rightly justified enemies of the U.S. and Nato will continue to come forth.

How does continuing on this path forward peace?

The vision of the United People for Peace (UPP!) is to consciously forward peace, community, humanity and stability on Earth by demanding a radical shift away from militarization to the real work of peace which we believe to be the massive provision of humanitarian aid, disaster relief and community service to all people around the world.

We believe that military war is a humanitarian, financial and environmentally unsustainable resource disaster. We believe that military war is a terrorist act which only results in more terrorists from those surviving parents and children whose families have been killed by military actions especially including those pre-emptive actions with little or no justification as being in self-defense.

Here is some latest news in the case for & against Bradley Manning as reported on Democracy Now!...
http://youtu.be/_aTMiZ0NQ7s (http://youtu.be/_aTMiZ0NQ7s)

Free Bradley Manning!

War crimes need to mean legal prosecution for those who commit the war crimes all of the way up the chain of command. Thank you for continuing to share and forward our petition to "End U.S. & Nato collateral killing of women & children".

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the causes of peace and justice.


Seth D. King

President of the United States Division

United People for Peace


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