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Update on February 28, 2013

you for taking our pledge to Take Action for Kittens! It is amazing to know there are so many of you that want to reduce the impact of this year's kitten season.

have great news to report! Thanks to a generous GetYourFix Sponsor, Lunar (http://www.causes.com/actions/1731629-lunar-continues-to-give-birth-to-homeless-kittens?ctm=more_from_cause)
will be spayed. After contributing three unwanted litters, she will no longer
be able to give birth to any more homeless kittens.

This is just the start. On
this last day of February - the month of World Spay Day, there is still time for you to take action for the many cats still needing to be spayed before this kitten season.
Join us on GetYourFix.org (http://www.getyourfix.org) as a volunteer or Sponsor or make a
contribution to our World
Spay Day fundraiser (http://www.causes.com/actions/1734629-prevent-kitten-homelessness-on-world-spay-day?ctm=more_from_cause) on Causes. Your donation will help us spay cats
profiled on GetYourFix.org, like Lunar, that continue to reproduce, because
their caregivers are unable to afford their spay.

Please share with animal-loving friends.

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