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Update on February 27, 2013

Budget fails SME
What a travesty - Economic services from the budget – no meaningful support for SME development
Quote "Expenditure on economic services in 2013/14 will amount to R48 billion, including R5.3 billion for the manufacturing competiveness enhancement programme and R2.9 billion for special economic zones. Additional allocations include R450 million over three years to the Economic Development Department for the Small Enterprise Finance Agency."
Given to the department of Economic Development of whom the parliamentary monitoring group reported the following; 
"The Minister of Economic Development must ensure coordination of activities in the Department and its entities, to address job creation and vacancy closure. The disjuncture in planning at national, provincial and local levels must be sorted out. The website must be updated and accessible".
DED is dead, SEFA is weak, SEDA tries its best with little support.
That is why we need a new dispensation for SME – One voice for SME that says ""SME's are the expression of free initiative, social inclusion and citizenship. Along these lines SME directly and indirectly influences the life of entrepreneurs, associates, employees, suppliers, family members and the entire social chain. SME's are the democracy of opportunities". Support South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation: https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-African-Small-and-Medium-Enterprises-Federation/234304016583252 (https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-African-Small-and-Medium-Enterprises-Federation/234304016583252)

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