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Update on February 26, 2013

This just in from Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote on Wildlife's blog: http://bit.ly/YyKYgc (http://bit.ly/YyKYgc)

"Natural Resources Board Hearing Gets Heated

Despite massive public outcry the Natural Resources Board voted unanimously to continue the permeant "rule" making procedure for the use of wolves against dogs. They also decided not to consider any more "rules" for hounders at this time. One hounder representative even had the gall to act as though placing rules on their sadistic "sport" was "discrimination."

Hounder Al Loebner apparently thinks that he and his hounder brethren should be able to operate without any restrictions on their activities. Have you ever heard of a more demanding and self-entitled group of sadists in your life? This is what happens when you give these monsters everything they want and cower to their every whim. It is never enough.
Al Lobner, head of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters' Association, said the group is against further rules and said more strict rules would be "discriminating to those of us who prefer to hunt with hounds."

Lobner, questioned by the board, said he has never had a dog killed by a bear while hunting. He said he has never hunted wolves with dogs.

Well how generous of Lobner to admit that he has never hunted wolves with dogs. Maybe because until last year it was ILLEGAL. Lobner is also the one who boasted recently that he and his hounder ilk are looking at acquiring dogs like Airedales and wolf hounds to use against wolves. Never mind that these are dogs bred to fight and not "trail" wolves.
The outrage against these proposals are building and the members of the board know it. Apparently there were over 3,000 letter submitted to the Board with the vast majority speaking out against these outlandish proposals and the entire act of pitting wolves against dogs. This was just the first in what are supposed to be a number of "public hearings" about this issue.

As for Patricia losing her cool and 'threatening" the board members? She told the truth about how hounders operate and became emotional about it. I know Patricia well and while she is a firebrand, I doubt that she "intimidated" these people. From what I understand the board was aggressive with her from the beginning so I can understand why she became upset.

Wildlife advocates have just begun to have our voices heard on this issue and we need to keep up the pressure. I also want to thank all of you that took the time to write to the board speaking out against these disgusting proposals. If the DNR didn't know it before they know it now. We WILL NOT back down.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/X9ANTC (http://bit.ly/X9ANTC) "



We made our voices heard. They know that we won't leave this issue alone. They know that this is only the beginning!

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