Update #2 ·

Update on February 26, 2013

Dear Advocate,

Thank you for sharing your voice in the wake of the recent gang rapes in India. We were able to surpass our goal of 500 signatures and have reached nearly 900!

With the continued support of passionate advocates like you, we are confident that global decision makers will hear our voice and join us in making the world a safer place for all women and girls.

In the mean time, please take a look at our International Women's Day Violence Against Women campaign, where we take a stand for our sisters who are raped, beaten or otherwise abused every day. (http://www.care.org/getinvolved/International-Womens-Day-2013/?s_src=redlink_iwd13_02_26_11am&s_subsrc=causes&utm_source=redlink_iwd13_02_26_11am&utm_medium=causes&utm_term=s&utm_content=Tues&utm_campaign=sm_red_iwd13_violence_petitionfollowup)

On behalf of all of CARE and our constituents, thank you for joining us. Together, we will bring an end to the suffering.



Photo: 2011 Evelyn Hockstein/CARE

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