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Update on February 25, 2013

I have sent the following to Ms Lena Ek, Sweden's Minister of the Environment:

Dear Ms Ek:

My name is Silja Hare. I am a multiple citizen (Finnish/British/Canadian) and I was born in Stockholm.

On your webpage, it reads thus:

"Sweden will continue to be a world-leading environmental nation. By pursuing an active and future-oriented environmental policy that finds solutions to both international and local environmental problems, Sweden will be the country where it is easiest, cheapest and most fun to be environmentally friendly."

I do not find that this squares with the situation that Susi, the Finnish/Russian wolf, finds herself in.

She does not need to be killed like her mate was.  Her DNA would be a boon to your wolf population.  It would be so much better to relocate her either to another part of the country or to a preserve.

Why not set up a preserve where the Sami can keep a herd of reindeer for her use?  They get to do what they do, she gets to do what she does, and your wolves do not go extinct thereby throwing off the balance of nature.

I feel so strongly about this that I have started a petition that I will present to you at the end of March.

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