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Update on February 23, 2013

I have been overwhelmed tonight after reading a message sent from the amazing lady who sat and held my sisters hand following her crash. I cant Thank Ine enough for extending her hand out to comfort Clare a complete stranger to her but yet this lovely woman was determined to be with and stay by her side holding her hand directly after her car was hit by the bus so im sure the scene this lady was met with would have been utter horror but yet all she cared about was being there for my sister while awaiting for the emergency services to get to the scene. I will forever be thankful to this Lady for the kindness and compaassion she showed my sister as for "us" as Clares family it meant everything to know Clare was being looked after and comforted and best of all she was not alone or left in her car following the intial crash with nobody to comfort her so until my dying breath & beyond I will whisper Thankyou to the angel who come to Clares aid on that fateful day as her actions brought us all some much needed comfort as nobody wants their loved one to have been on their own following this type of devastating event so please join me in expressing our Thanks to Ine for putting her own shock to one side so she could comfort Clare as she obviously didnt have to do what she did that day but I for one im glad she choose to do something than look on from the sidelines... as we all need to remember how vital and important it is if you do find yourself in the midst of a tragedy that when you walk away at the end of it all you can look in a mirror and ask yourself and question if you did all you could if your answer is yes then your courage, kindness and thoughtfulness will be sure to be rewarded as we should remember we still have people out there willing to do what they can when called upon to help others in need so lets all say a massive Thanks to Ine for the kindness she showed Clare as its good to know there are people out there who care about others as they are the people in society with hearts of gold that should never be taken for granteed as it takes a special type of person to step up and do whats needed when called upon throughout life!! Big Thanks to you though Ine and thanks for your lovely message it means alot to me and my family and Clares friends! Big hugs from us to you! :-) If you have not already joined and invited your friends to join my cause please please take a few mins and do something worthwhile today to help someone else find their smile and hope again....♥♡♡ xxxx

Any memories of Clare you have and wish to share can be left in the message area on her causes page " not all young drivers die through speeding" it would be lovely to read your messages as i know she had many friends she cherished in her life so plz lets keep her memory very much alive.... :-) ♥♡♥ xxxx

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