Update #3 ·

Update on February 21, 2013

Hello again all you amazing people..!

Just a few things to tell you about.

We now have over a quarter of a MILLION signatures & it continues to grow by the minute..! THANK YOU..!!! Keep sharing! The IOC are now aware of us..!

Our Global Taiji Action Day is tomorrow 22nd February, if you have not checked this out yet, please find an event near you! We have 42 events all over the world! Click here for the GLOBAL EVENT FINDER (https://www.facebook.com/events/198864223593289/)

We have a shiny new website that will keep you up to date with our progress:   Click here to see our new website! (http://www.olympicdolphins.com/)

We also have our own FACEBOOK (https://www.facebook.com/olympicdolphins) page & TWITTER (https://twitter.com/TaijiActionDay) to keep you informed, please join us..! 

Thanks again for your support.!

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