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Update on February 21, 2013

Sharing a friend's comment for Cause Leaders and all who sign on. ("Click the Witch" to add your signature) Posted on the CNN/Anderson Coopers documentary on the "Bully Effect"comment section. 

Expose bullying for really what it is, psychological torture. It is great to see you giving bullying media attention on your show. I would like to make a suggestion though, that adult bullying is as bad if not worse than school bullying. Why? There has been many lives lost from individuals who were targeted in the workplace, and some co-workers who could not bear to watch one go through the assault of bullying. In school, you educate yourself to prepare for your future ahead. In work, you reap the benefits of your hard work and the many long years of education. The pride and dedication that you bring to work each day suddenly changes as you find yourself in no win situation at the hands of a bully. When you become the target of the workplace bully your life will change, not for a day, a week or month, but forever! The rippling effect goes far beyond the damage done to the individual targeted, but the spouse, children, other close family members as well as everyone of your social contacts witness the brute force impact of what the victim goes through. Yet is does not stop there either! The health effects can cover a wide range of medical problems, clenched jaws, grinding teeth called bruxism can wreak havoc on dental work due to the stress the target is under day in and day out of their ordeal. Then there is the financial impact that implodes your lifestyle. You are unable to make it to work, due to panic attacks caused by the fear of what is in store for you next at work. Then ultimately the bully wins by achieving their goal through the death/suicide, unemployment due to the fight or fight syndrome, or early retirement of the target to escape the toxic workplace. It is with great hope that your show can see to it to focus on this adult version of bullying. Not to diminish the effects of school yard bullying, but at the adult level the stakes are much higher. With all the tragic events happening one after another, I find it difficult to blame inanimate objects for their causes. Instead lets expose the root causes of being a target and the feelings of revenge of a once productive and healthy individual. Thus being provoked into this unwanted life, suffering from the joy and entertainment that the bully thrives on. Please support the passage of laws that will help prevent workplace bullying. As it stands right now it is perfectly legal to bully an employee. The New York Healthy Workplace Advocates have been working diligently to lobby our political leadership to pass the healthy workplace bill. It's time to end the madness, misery and abuse of management power. Check out the link for more info and other links of organizations trying to end the evil empire! Thank you for the chance to express my views.

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