Update #1 ·

Update on February 12, 2013

To be as subtle as I can about the awareness this petition has generated, Hell yes. I knew this would be a bit hard in the beginning. but with everyone of you , signing and sharing, we wouldn't have a total amount of signatures of approx 70,333, 40,000 of which are already on their way and it looks as thought hey may get two sets all at once. That would make them have to take a minute and think about this, at the Least, but I think we are just going to beat this horrible issue involving our sick and, not to mention, ( i hate to say this), but the unwanted. Lets keep it up and get 40,000 signatures by the next couple of days and Congress would be getting two of 40,000 , one after another, but then, we will just repeat it over and over,

In The Name of My Pet,

Please keep signing and sharing

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