Update #4 ·

Update on February 06, 2013

We are sad to say the Jaycees are not going to give her back her crown. Seems they want to continue to humilate and embarass her throughout her hometown. The Jaycees are still making ridicilous demands for items such as her buckle and breast collar to begin a discussion about her title. This cannot continue to keep going on. The public MUST be made aware, at this years Horsemanship competition, this SAME Director conducted horsemanship with SPLIT REINS ending in a horrible accident where a horse stepped on a rein and the young girl lost control causing her to be slammed into a fence. We ask is this safety from the SAME organization? This is also the same runner up to Alisha last year, yet no child should ever be in such danger. This continues to happen time and time again and noone has been able to take the stand, maybe this DIRECTOR really has no idea how to conduct a pageant and care for our children. Our future!!! The Jaycees have stated time and time again how wonderful Alisha has been, yet they have never checked to see how this is effecting her and her self esteem or reached out to her in any such way. Is this a leadership organization? While we also welcome comments Mr Greg Gardner, please do all of us a favor and remove yourself and your comments, as you will always be remembered as the old man who harassed young girls on the internet. That Mr Gardner is called Cyber Bullying. A very LARGE epidemic for this nation. Maybe you should be the first example of what NOT to become when we reach your age. Please remove yourself and your vile comments. This page is not for your comments and seeing how you have done enough comments which have all been fowarded, you are also not welcome on this page to continue and spread your lies. We ask everyone continue to support Alisha in this time and if you do visit the rodeo, we welcome you to add your pics of your shirt in support fo Alisha. Let the Jaycees know they cannot push her out and away. That we LOVE ALISHA

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