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Update on January 31, 2013

actions will sustain pangayaw in SMI-Xstrata mine site

Another tribal leader was
slain in the tumultous SMI-Xstrata mine site in the borders of South
Cotabato and Davao del Sur last January 29, 2013. Kitari Capion, the
brother of Daguel Capion, was allegedly fired upon by members of the
Task Force Kitacom, a composite of Cafgu and 39th Infantry Batallion.
An alliance of indigenonus peoples warn that this killing will
protract the tribal war or pangayaw being waged by the Blaan people
against the mining TNC.

Pangayaw is vendetta for
wrongs committed against Lumad tribes.

"A few months after
Juvy Capion and her children were killed in cold blood by the
military, they have once again taken the life of another tribal
leader. With this renewed actions by the military, this pangayaw is
not close to ending," Piya Macliing Malayao, Kalipunan ng mga
Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP) spokesperson said.

Juvy Capion, wife of
Daguel Capion and leader of KAMP's affiliate organization KALGAD, was
killed by members of the 27th Infantry Batallion last October 18,
2012. Also killed were their sons, Jan-Jan and Pop, both minors.

"The killing of
Kitari will fuel the hatred and the determination of the Blaan to
defend themselves and their territories, they were not cowered by the
slay of Juvy and her sons. It likewise proves how the military are
acting as the hired guns and protectors of SMI-Xstrata, not of the
poor and marginalized Filipino people," Malayao claimed. "In
this setup, it seems the defense of the Blaan for their life is

In earlier an statement,
KAMP declared the pangayaw of the Blaan as 'just,' citing it as a
traditional defense system of the indigenous peoples against attacks
on their survival and way of life. SMI-Xstrata threatens to displace
30,000 Blaan in Kiblawan, Tampakan, Columbio, and Malungon
municipalities in the mountain ranges of Saranggani, Davao del Sur,
and South Cotabato.

"The resistance of
the Blaan people to the entry of SMI-Xstrata has been loud and clear,
and the government does not heed this plight," Malayao said.
"The bloodshed will continue until the government recognizes the
right of indigenous peoples to their ancestral territories and pull
out military forces."

According to KAMP, there
have been more than 30 killings of indigenous peoples since Aquino
took power, most of the killings were of indigenous leaders resisting
the entry of large-scale mining. ##

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